The “Kong” Family

L-R: Minyoung, Dougie, Gong mama, Gong Appa, Minzy
L-R: Minyoung, Dougie, Kong Mama, Kong Appa, Minzy
L-R: Gong Mama, Dougie, Gong Appa, Minzy, Minyoung
L-R: Kong Mama, Dougie, Kong Appa, Minzy, Minyoung

Kong Appa (공순종)


Minzy’s Dad a.k.a. Kong Appa

Instagram: as_cornelius

Kong Mama


Minzy’s Mom a.k.a. Kong Mama

Instagram: qotnsgml4545

Kong Minyoung (공민영)


Minzy’s older sister a.k.a. Gong Minyoung

Gong Minyoung is Minzy’s older sister who is a Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) artist. She released her first album ‘REBIRTH’ on October 24th of 2015 and her digital single album ‘VICTORY’ on October 6th, 2015.

Instagram: kongshine153

Twitter: rhdalsdud7083

Kong Dougie (공더기)


Minzy’s Puppy a.k.a. Dougie

Twitter: kongdougie | kongdougie21

Instagram: kong_dougie1004


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