[PROJECT #2] “MIN21st” – Minzy 21st Birthday Project


Hello Blackjacks!

Happy 2NE1st birthday to the one and only M-I-N-Z-Y! We are wishing you more success in life and more projects with 2NE1!

We love MINZY so much and we are so happy to have our first ever project for her 21st birthday.

We are happy to announce that our first ever birthday project for Minzy was a success.  Together with other MINZY fansites (EROMAKNAE, Take The World On, KONGDOT), we successfully delivered our gifts to our birthday girl.  We were not able to fulfill all of our birthday gifts due to lack of time, but rest assured that your donations were fully used for Minzy.


Global Minzy’s gifts to Minzy were successfully delivered with other fansite friends’ presents.  Minzy will surely enjoy these stuff from her fans.



Special thanks to:

the Donors

our Fansite Friends

Kongdot (@kongminzy_com)

All your support messages

All your fanarts


We are looking forward to work with you all again soon.  We had so much fun producing this birthday project. ’til next time. Nolja!22

GlobalMinzy Team